Phil Maxey

Phil Maxey

Phil Maxey was born in London in the UK.

After working in the ad industry creating banners and web games for major brands for many years, he decided it was time for him to put down on paper (or digital screen) all of his story ideas he had been collecting over the decades.

He currently has five series released on Amazon Kindle.

Phil always loved stories. Some of his earliest memories were buying reprints of American 50s and 60s mystery comics for 10p, while on holiday at his grandparents seaside home. He would devour them (the comics not his grandparents), then try to find another 10p for more!

During the 80s and 90s he dined on another golden age of films, and collected comics. All of this went a long way in shaping the kinds of stories he loves, but he never seriously thought about being a writer instead he chased after another dream of his, making computer games.

Eventually though, he needed to write.

In August of 2016 Phil released his first book, Survive in the Cascade series. So far he has written another fifteen books, across multiple science fiction and fantasy genres.

Phil currently resides at the top of a Victorian house in greater London.