Ever since I was knee high to a very small grasshopper I’ve been told I should be a writer. I think it was due to the fact that I would go on and on about ideas and worlds and drive anyone that would listen crazy. I also fit the cliche of what a lot of people think a writer is, introverted, imaginative yadda yadda, but I never took that advice. At least not some months ago when on my 44th birthday I started to write the kind of story which I love reading/watching myself, a post-apocalyptic tale. Here’s the book on Amazon

Survive: Cascade Book 1 on US Amazon store.

Survive: Cascade Book 1 on UK Amazon store.

It’s the first book I’ve ever written and comes off the back of years of a love of reading. Everything from comics to the classics to everything in between. I always had stories in me. I think anyone who loves reading can’t help but have that moment when they are reading a story and suddenly all the possibilites fan out in front of them, and you find yourself going off on a tangent in your mind about where the story could go. That happens to me all the time, especially when I’m watching TV shows, which to be honest in a bit of a pain in the rear because it means I’m hardly ever surprised by them thesedays (I live in a perpetual state of waiting to be surprised by TV shows).

Before I started writing the book I started researching. The world of self-publishing to me was like this oasis far off on the horizon. I could see there was something out there, but the journey to get to it would take me too far off course, so I stayed where I was. Then I ran out of sustenance so pretty much thought why not make the trek anyway. I wrote a post on here about the differences and similarities between the indie game development and the indie book publishing worlds, and why I chose to start to write books. I won’t reiterate all of that post here suffice to say that game development is pretty much a thing of the past for a lone developer, from the perspective of making money from it. Whereas the more I looked into the indie book publishing world the more it seemed an individual still had a chance (mostly thanks to Amazon) to make some kind of living writing books.

And there’s so much information out there on how to try and succeed as an indie author. Joanna Penns and the Self Publishing Podcast really got me thinking that maybe, just maybe I should go for it. When I started I had no idea what a “pantser” meant, but I soon discovered that’s exactly what I am. At least for now. The first 20k words probably took a month on and off while I was doing other things, and I didn’t really get into a daily writing schedule until roughly two months ago (June). I found that I could pretty easily do 2k words per day, which to me was something I had no idea I could do. It’s one thing to think you can write a book, it’s a whole other thing to be able to sit down and push out the words into what you hope is a coherent form, and realise you can do that for the first time ever.

Some other things I discovered on this journey. The characters you create become real people to you. You “know” how certain characters are going to behave and you can see them react to things. There are times when I would write a line of dialogue and then think, nah xxxxx wouldn’t of said that, but mostly it just flows. Writing to me is a lot like watching a TV show, and I mean that in it’s purest sense, but a lot of the time I have no idea where the stories going. I started the book with a good idea for a starting point, and an idea for the overall reason why things have happened, but beyond that it just went where it went. And there’s nothing greater than being surprised by your own story. That’s not to say I won’t plot/outline in the future, but laying out the entire story before you even start writing kinda takes the fun out of it for me. I like to discover the story as I write it.

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