My gf and I went to the 2016 comic con for the first time and had a great time. She dressed up in Steampunk attire and I just went as my tired looking self. Few things stood out to me, seeing it was my first con. First was most people seem to go there to see the celebrities, which is not surprising. One of the things I wanted to buy there was some original comic artwork, but there was hardly any there, and what was, was pretty expensive. Infact I did hope there would be more comic based stuff, but instead is seemed to be mostly merchandise. Also there were a few authors that nobody was talking to, which now looking back I’m kicking myself that I didn’t go have a chat, but that was before I published my first book and I wasn’t sure if I’d ever even be able to finish it (I’m also an introvert!). I’ve since read in some groups that when you have a con which combines comics and film/tv stuff, the comic side of things get’s the short end of the stick, and that was sort of what I saw as well (in regards that most don’t go for the actual comics), and I think that’s perhaps true for SFF authors as well.

Hopefully in 2018, I’ll be able to get to some more cons.